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The Presence of Candida
Can Inhibit Weight Loss:

Here is How To Test for Candida:

A. Fill a CLEAR GLASS with WATER at Bedtime

B. Put the glass next to your bed.

C. AS SOON AS YOU AWAKEN, spit into the glass. DO NOT WORK UP A “GOB” OF PHLEGM – just use what is already in your mouth.

D. Wait two minutes – then HOLD THE GLASS UP TO A LIGHT, rock it gently in your hand, and OBSERVE THE CONDITION OF THE SPUTUM
atop the water.


1. If the spit sits on top of the water and slowly dissolves -- YOU ARE CLEAN.

2. If “tentacles” appear to be descending to the bottom -- YOU HAVE CANDIDIASIS. NOTE: Even wispy tentacles indicate the presence of candida. If it looks like a jellyfish— YOU HAVE IT.

3. If the water turns cloudy, or the sputum sinks – YOU HAVE CANDIDA IN HIGH CONCENTRATION. If your candida test indicates the presence of Candida check out our CITRUS EXTRACT product or check with a Health Care Professional.

Collagen Weight Loss