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Ask the Doctor about Collagen

The Doctor Answers Your QuestionsDr. Dave Nelson


So why do I need this Product?

Dr. Nelson: As you age your body produces less collagen-
based tissue and every day we are exposed to compromising
environmental factors. The result of collagen loss is wrinkles
on the outside and breakdown of lean muscle and connective
tissue on the inside. Simply put, your fat/muscle ratio changes.
This process of degeneration will continue until you supply
your body with proper supplementation. This Liquid Collagen Product naturally helps the body restore its collagen base by providing highly
absorbable nourishing collagen protein.

What does the Aloe Vera ingredients do?

Dr Nelson: Aloe Vera contains enzymes that assist in the l
metabolic process of collagen but do not play a direct role
with respect to fat loss. We use the gel just under the
epidermis of the aloe vera leaf as opposed to the whole leaf.

Is it kosher?

Dr. Nelson: Only the Marine version is kosher. Look for a circled “K” and “Marine” on the label.

Is there oxygenated water and a natural lemonade flavoring
in both versions of the product?

Dr Nelson: Yes, as well as Collagen Hydrolysate (from either
bovine or fish), Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Potassium sorbate
(natural preservative from blueberries), and
Methyl/Propyl Paraben (natural preservative from blueberries)

Why do you say this product can provide a better night’s sleep?

Dr Nelson: This product provides the fuel that allows the body to
actually achieve deep sleep. In the first 60-90 minutes of sleep
your body goes into delta sleep mode, the deepest form of
sleep where the body naturally repairs itself, builds muscle
and breaks down fat. During this process the body is
searching for a source of energy and fuel to fulfill this
this function. Collagen acts as the fuel for this natural process.

Can I take it before exercising?

Dr Nelson: Yes – taking it before working out will
improve stamina and provide energy and help prevent
muscle breakdown.

Why can’t pregnant/lactating mothers and prepubescent
Children take Collagen?

Dr Nelson: This is a disclaimer that is required by both the
Canadian and United States agencies. This caution reflects
the possibility of released toxins from fat breakdown
entering into the blood stream affecting the fetus or the lymph
systems or the pre-pubescent child. We suggest you check
with your health care professional for alternative suggestions.

How important is it that I take Collagen just before going
to sleep?

Dr Nelson: Timing is everything! Since this product is the most
powerful during the first 90 minutes of sleep, every minute
you spend talking, reading, watching TV, etc, reduces the
effectiveness. Remember, taking Liquid Collagen is the VERY LAST
thing you do before going to sleep.

Why must I refrain from eating anything after taking
Liquid Collagen?

Dr. Nelson: Eating or drinking ANYTHING except water
(even diet soda or gum) will interrupt it's effectiveness.
You do not want Collagen to be wasted. When you consume
Liquid Collagen while the digestive system is active, the product will
be broken down and the effectiveness will diminish.

Does it contain Phenyl-Propanalamine (PPA)?

Dr Nelson: NO! Phenyl-Propanolamine is not included as
an ingredient in this product. Phenyl-Propanolamine (PPA) is a
stimulant, decongestant and appetite suppressant. What it
does is similar to it chemical cousin, amphetamine, which acts
on the hypothalamus, the region of the brain that controls
appetite. And, like all stimulants, it increases heart rate and
blood pressure. Studies have indicated that PPA appears to
increase the risk of brain hemorrhage.

Can I drink coffee while I am using the Liquid Collagen Formula?

Dr. Nelson: Reduce coffee intake. It is a diuretic (removes
water from tissues) which means that the more caffeine you
consume the more water your body needs. For every cup of
coffee you consume you need to add at least one extra glass
of water per day to counteract your caffeine intake.

How much water should I be drinking per day?

Dr. Nelson: You should drink at least 64oz. (6-8) glasses) per
day. Water helps rid the body of excess build-up that will
occur when fat is broken down. Failing to drink the appropriate
amount of water (not tea or soda, etc) plays a big role in the
failure of the program.

Collagen Weight Loss


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