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Noni Juice Plus Minerals

The verdict is in.

Our Hawaiian Noni is the best!

And we’ve bottled this pure, tropical delight with a special twist. By combining nature’s healing fruit with our own incredibly potent Dead Sea ionic minerals, we proudly offer you the ultimate mineral and vital alkaloid package for health benefits you’ll feel inside and out.

First the best ecologically certified organic fruit available in the Hawaiian Islands is selected, found on the big island of Hawaii and grown in non polluted volcanic rich soil. Our Noni Juice is Fermented - then cold-pressed - just as the ancients did it.

Why Fermentation?
Fermentation is a natural aging process that increases the quantity and quality of naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms. The process is 100% natural. The process begins as discussed with natural fermentation of the ripe fruit for 3-6 months. Only white ripe noni will ferment properly. That means harvesting must be continuous, always waiting for the ripe fruit. There is no sugar, yeast or nutrients added to the Noni during or after fermentation. When fermentation is complete, the fruit is gently cold pressed at an FDA approved facility on Maui.

There is considerately more time taken to harvest, prepare and pack our Noni using these time-tested methods.

No other Noni processors have the quality and potency of our Hawaiian Noni juice.

Noni contains Alkaloids, which are colorless, complex, bitter organic bases that are essential to maintaining healthy stasis in the body. One alkaloid in particular that the body produces is called xeronine, which is produced to activate enzymes, to regulate and give structure to proteins. Noni juice contains a small amount of this essential alkaloid although it contains very large amounts of a precursor to the essential alkaloid called proxeronine. Proxeronine is a colloid that, unlike most colloids, contains neither sugars, amino acids, nor nucleic acids and thereby has been overlooked by most biochemists. This compound proxeronine initiates the release of xeronine in the intestinal tract after it comes in contact with a specific enzyme that is also contained in the Noni juice. This particular chemical combination is believed to significantly affect cellular function, which can determine a whole host of physiological reactions. The enzymatic reactions that occur with taking Noni juice on an empty stomach are what is believed to set cellular repair into motion.


Originally, back in the 1800s, Noni was used to dye clothing. The amazing health benefits were not yet discovered. In Hawaii, trained herbal practitioners now reserve the right to prescribe plant therapies. Research indicates that it is among the few herbal remedies that islanders consider tried and true.

This amazing botanical has been keeping people healthy for centuries. Modern research has been ongoing for nearly 50 years. This truly is a historically proven ingredient. Noni’s natural habitat is in the South Pacific, the Carribean, and areas of China. Noni has been used therapeutically by native people for centuries with great success for a variety of health issues.

Physical Description

Morinda Citrifolia is an evergreen shrub or bush, which can grow to heights of fifteen to twenty feet. It has rigid, coarse branches which bear dark, oval, glossy leaves. Small white fragrant flowers bloom out of cluster-like pods which bear creamy white colored fruit. The fruit is gel-like when ripened. The flesh of the fruit is bitter. The Noni we use is carefully cultivated using the whole fruit (puree and extract). It is processed at very low heat to preserve the beneficial but delicate enzymes which can be easily destroyed at high heat thermal processing. BENEFITS: Both anecdotal evidence and modern research have confirmed the nutritional benefits of Noni. Its various enzymes and alkaloids as well as various antioxidants, such as Vitamin C and Selenium, contribute to Noni’s significant health benefits. Noni assists the body in getting and staying healthy.

Theories on Noni
Xeronine theory: Past theory and research states that Noni helps in normalization of abnormally functioning cells by delivering to the body the essential biochemical compound proxeronine, which cells then assemble into alkaloid xeronine. Xeronine exhibits positive effects on cells, which results in most people feeling better. It incorporates itself into the structure of certain specific proteins; this change in the protein’s structure allows it to concentrate the tremendous amount of energy contained in water to do various types of mechanical, chemical and electrical work in each cell. These actions enable a normal cell to work more efficiently and assist damaged cells to normalize.

Polysaccharide rich substance theory: Modern theory and research indicates that the Noni plant possesses a polysaccharide-rich substance that comes from the fruit of Noni. It is very important to spend the time and age the fruit to maximize the quality of this polysaccharide substance that is used for many health benefits. Our polysaccharide content is among the highest in the industry.


Testimonial :
I have been plagued with arthritis for many years. In October 2001 I began taking this Noni Juice plus Minierals first thing in the morning mixed with 4 drops of Citrus Extract. I also have now begun to drink a lot more water. Within days I began to feel the health benefits. In a matter of weeks I began to notice less joint pain. I was able to now go up and down stairs without any problem. Needless to say, I was very excited. I cannot start my day without taking it. I am amazed that at days end I am not plagued with joint pain.

Forever grateful.
Nanda DeVita








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