the Ultimate Performance Enhancer


We live in a world of heightened demands and expectations. We all simply want and need to make more of every moment! But sometimes, you step on the gas and the tank is empty! Most of us would love to take a nap but we can't, so we reach for yet another coffee, candy bar, snack or worse!
Now, instead of coffee or a candy bar, I reach for
my PROSOTEINE! No more caffeine for me!

Tanya Simonsen, British Columbia
How would you like a revolutionary and safe nutritional supplement that gives your body a boost that not only supports you in the moment but also rebuilds your body, cell by cell, over time?

We know your answer. And we have the answer. It's called PROSOTEINE!


Prosoteine is a natural, stimulant-free liquid protein supplement. Completely plant-based and patent-pending, PROSOTEINE creates functional longevity..... you may grow old, but you don't have to feel old!

PROSOTEINE creates a youthful feeling and vitality throughout your body. It helps to:
1. increase energy, memory and mental clarity
2. create a more positive mood
3. build muscle for increased exercise performance
4. reduce fatigue

PROSOTEINE is a product for students, athletes, lovers of life, young and old!
You do everything better when you GO PRO!

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