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Can Calorad Collagen Help You Sleep Better?

Studies show: Deep sleep is essential for building muscle, burning fat, increasing productivity and Liquid Collagen really helps!

A recent clinical study proves that Collagen users enjoy a much longer period of uninterrupted , restful refreshing sleep! They get into a deeper sleep state faster and stay there longer. But, without this collagen product, most people take longer to get into their deep sleep state, it's usually not as deep or as sustained, so they don't sleep as restfully as they do with Collagen. Deeper sleep with Collagen helps to lengthen their body's nightly repair cycle - this supports more new muscle development which, in turn, naturally promotes fat loss.

Most Americans say they suffer from sleep problems, and sleep deprivation continues to be widespread in America," according to a recent study by the National Sleep Foundation. They point out that sufficient sleep is "needed for good health, safety, and optimum performance."

The recent clinical study on Collagen's role in this challenge was conducted by Dr. John Norris, M.D., Ph.D. and Reginald D.Barnes, Jr. M.D. They found that "in human physiology, it is well known that muscle and adipose(fat) tissue metabolism are influenced directly by the complex interplay between insulin, exercise, glucocorticoid (stress hormones), growth hormone (GH), amino acids (including arginine and leucine), proteins, L-hydroxyproline, fats and other substances. Collagen appears to augment known physiological processes in the metabolism of fat and muscle, which might explain its success.

"Human Growth Hormone is one of several significant hormones involved in muscular development and it is secreted episodically 24 hours daily. The most consistant period of GH secretion in both children and adults (and possibility other age groups) is within the onset of the first slow wave sleep (deep sleep). Delay in the onset of deep sleep usually results in the delay of the onset of the major GH peak.

"Preliminary studies with the use of Collagen suggest a significant deepening in all levels of sleep."

"Protein, amino acids, L-hydroxyproline and other building blocks of muscle and collagen are essential for muscle rebuilding. During rest, a complex interplay takes place as muscle and cartilage repair under the influence of Growth Hormone. If one is deficient in any of those building blocks necessaary for muscle rebuilding, those building blocks will be removed from healthy muscle (catabolism). And that's not good for healthy loss of fat and inches. However, when subjects take Collagen, this catabolic process is felt to be limited because Collagen is rich in the amino acids and the collagen building blocks necessary formuscle and cartilage growth, thus resulting in a net increase in lean body mass."










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