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Collagen Weight Loss Success Stories

Couple Loses Over 80 Pounds Between them in 7 Months.
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LOS ANGELES - After 6 years of gaining weight almost imperceptibly, it had become noticeable, and we knew we had to do something. I was at 216 pounds and my wife's dress size had increased to an 18 plus. We cried out to God to be healthy and fit, but trying to eat healthier and increase our level of physical exercise was only making a marginal difference. That's when a friend introduced us to this collagen product, and we knew it was an answer to prayer.

We found that this collagen product was not a crash weight loss diet program or diet pill and did not require us to purchase any exercise equipment. It’s a product that restores and supports the body, helping to nourish, repair and rebuild lean muscle tissue. Not eating for 3 hours every night was different, being ministers - we were used to eating at night - but doing the simple program together as a couple - really made the lifestyle changes a joy, and we delighted in seeing our clothes get looser around the waist each month - without any substantial changes in diet.

My left knee and ankle joints were always hurting me before I started this collagen product. Within a month I could feel a difference, and now I can run up stairs instead of taking the elevator! Using the stairs has become one of the lifestyle changes we have seen since using this collagen product.

It had always been normal for me to wake up four or five times every night. On this collagen product, my sleep patterns deepened, and within a month I was waking only once per night — amazing!

I am now down to 165 pounds. My wife, Dolores, has dropped to under a size 12, and she’s now able to wear clothes that she has not been able to wear since her youth. We feel so much better and have lots more energy. We thank God that He sent this collagen product into our lives!

Seeing results with this collagen product does not require rigorous diet programs. Just eat sensibly, don't pig out, but eat (quote-quote) Normal meals, and UNDERSTAND THAT A MILD EXERCISE PROGRAM will accelerate any health improvement effort. Consider doing the walks or exercises that never seemed to work before, because
with this collagen product -
       - you will see results!

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There is no magic-bullet, most folks who have tried several things are already hip to that truth. A lot of products promise a lot of things but most all of them, although they put your body through some real stress and do in fact, cause the scale to come down, they actually hurt your body and in fact - they are ALL temporary without a lifestyle change.

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People all over the continent and from virtually every walk of life are raving about this collagen product. These comments happen tobe from independent distributors. Your results may very. Your weight loss will depend on your own body's metabolic response.
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